If your teeth do not mesh normally, wearing the traditional metal braces for straightening your teeth as they should be is an excellent choice. The traditional braces to which we refer to at Sunridge Dental Clinic here in Calgary, AB, are made from metal, and when they are placed on the teeth, you can see the wires made from metal and the brackets that come around to the front of your teeth. That is why if you have braces with traditional metal braces is a great idea for some teeth issues.

Overbite Correction

It is crucial that you have an overbite corrected because if you don’t, it will cause unusual wear on your front teeth. Also, your jaw must be out of line, and this leads to issues with your jaw joints. By using the metal braces, you will be able to fix this misalignment so you can have that beautiful smile.

Crossbite Repair

If you have a crossbite, there will be one or maybe more of your teeth that are in the position, so they are closer to your cheeks or your tongue, causing you to have an unusual bite. The teeth that are misaligned can cause you to have irritation when you chew food or talk, and it will be much harder to floss or brush your teeth. For years, Sunridge Dental Clinic and other dental professionals have felt that the metal braces were best to repair crossbites.

Repairing Overcrowded Teeth

If you are one that has overcrowded teeth, it will appear that all of your teeth are crowded together. You might only have a few of your teeth that are causing the overcrowding, or it could be that the majority of those overcrowded teeth might be in the front. The pressure that metal braces can apply will shift those teeth that are overcrowded into the correct positions.

Underbite Repair

An underbite for someone is unusual and caused by bad habits in childhood or from a smaller jaw. In this condition, your lower teeth stick out farther than your upper teeth when your mouth is closed. Treating with metallic braces is the best method for repairing this problem.

Fixing Dental Gaps

Having gaps between the teeth can cause you to have a not so attractive smile. It can also cause difficulties in talking properly or chewing food. You risk a lot of other issues involving your gums because your teeth are spaced so far apart. Traditional metal braces can close up those gaps the best.

These are only a few of the many things you can do with metal braces. You can learn a lot more by stopping by at Sunridge Dental Clinic; we provide the best dental care in Calgary, AB.

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