Children are more vulnerable to cavities as the tooth enamel is thinner and easily damaged. Our dentists will evaluate if your child is a candidate for dental sealants. They apply dental sealants to rear teeth as an added layer of protection against decay and cavities.

Give Your Child Added Protection against Tooth Pain

It’s a good idea to teach children to brush and floss thoroughly from an early age. Ensure that they brush for at least two minutes, twice a day. However, even children who brush and floss regularly may be prone to cavities.

Even the most skilled young patients are unable to reach certain areas of the cavity where the bristles of the toothbrush cannot reach. These typically include spaces between the teeth, back surfaces of teeth and chewing surfaces of rear teeth. These areas are particularly vulnerable to the onset of cavities.

Our skilled dentists in Calgary, AB will apply the first coating of sealants between 5-6 years of age when the first permanent molars develop. The second application of sealants should be completed between 11-12 years when children get their second set of molars.

Research confirms a 90% reduction in tooth decay along the chewing surface in sealed molars. This cost-effective, simple step may help your child have fewer fillings through out their lifetime.

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Where Are Dental Sealants Applied?

Dental sealants are applied to the molars and pre-molars. These have the maximum grooves and pits on the surface. Food particles get trapped in these nooks, and crannies and bacteria start to attack the tooth enamel.

When our dentists apply the liquid dental sealant, it hardens and forms a protective covering that encases the tooth. The tooth enamel becomes smooth, and this makes the tooth less vulnerable to decay.

Does Your Child Need Sealants in Calgary, AB?

Sealants can minimize the risks of cavities by nearly 80%, and the procedure takes just a few minutes to complete. We do not need to use numbing gel or local anesthesia.

Why expose your child to the risks of cavities and tooth decay? Please call Sunridge Dental Clinic for an appointment and bring your child for a detailed evaluation.

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