Are you interested in boosting your appearance and sporting an attractive smile? Teeth whitening treatment can make you look younger and increase your confidence. Our trained dentists near you can perform professional teeth whitening in our office, or you can use take-home whitening kits.

Our in-office whitening will whiten your teeth within an hour or less. Our take-home whitening options include custom fit trays and whitening gel syringes that you use at home. The dentists at Sunridge Dental Clinic can help you find the right system for you. Sometimes even combining the two methods can result in short and long-term benefits.

However, professional teeth whitening at Sunridge Dental Clinic can give you more aesthetic and longer-lasting results than DIY products. Teeth whitening treatments are a simple and effective way to lighten up your teeth without the use of restorative procedures.

Why Should You Consider Getting Teeth Whitening?

The natural colour of teeth varies across patients and often become discoloured over time. There are several causes for teeth discoloration, and most of these are preventable. However, some reasons are natural and not under our control.

Preventable causes for tooth discoloration include:

  • Heavy smoking, chewing of tobacco products, using cigars or pipes.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Consumption of staining foods like tea, coffee, red wine and soya sauce

Natural causes for dental discoloration may include:

  • Consumption of certain medications which may discolour the teeth
  • High fluoride during childhood
  • Natural ageing process

Dr. Parmar will assess your teeth and check your candidacy for teeth whitening near you.

Is Teeth Whitening Right for Everyone?

Most patients are ideal candidates for teeth whitening treatment. Some exceptions could include those who have had multiple restorations like crowns or veneers in the oral cavity. Patients with heightened sensitivity, periodontal disease or oral cancer may not be eligible for teeth whitening.

Our trained dentists in Calgary, AB are the best people to assess your candidacy and help you determine your eligibility for teeth whitening treatment.

After Teeth Whitening in Calgary, AB

It’s normal to experience some sensitivity for a couple of days after teeth whitening. The treated tooth enamel is unable to insulate nerves from exposure. However, the sensitivity disappears between 12 to 72 hours after the procedure.

One of our dentists will perform a post-whitening fluoride treatment to rehydrate your teeth after teeth whitening treatment. To make the effects last longer, patients should avoid smoking, drinking and consuming staining foods and beverages.

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