Our practice at Sunridge Dental Clinic offers the latest corrective dentistry treatments to restore your oral cavity to full functionality. Our skilled dentists near you provide fillings, crowns, inlays, and onlays to seal gaps in the dental arch.

These Signs Could Indicate That You Need Fillings

Tooth decay, cavities, and fillings are the most common reasons to visit our experienced dentists in Calgary, AB. If your tooth is causing discomfort, the chances are that you have a cavity that exposes your nerves and causes pain.

If you don’t book a dental consultation with our dentists, the pain will only worsen over the next few weeks unless the cavity is filled. In the absence of a filling, the cavity may spread to the tooth root, and you may need root canal therapy. By visiting a dentist regularly we can detect small cavities and treat them with silver diamine fluoride, eliminating need for fillings in some cases. Smaller cavities do not hurt but with large cavities you will have the following symptoms:

  • Heightened sensitivity when you consume hot or cold foods
  • Sharp or dull pain in a specific spot when you bite down
  • Discoloration or darkening of a tooth
  • Pain or sensitivity in a tooth that already has a filling

Types of Dental Fillings in Calgary, AB

Sunridge Dental Clinic provides metal and resin fillings, and both have their own benefits and drawbacks.

White or Composite Resin

White fillings are made of a mix of liquid resin embedded with finely ground glass particles. White fillings are bonded onto a clean tooth by molding it into prepared tooth structure. Blue light is used to shape and harden the filling material. Then it is polished to high shine. IT will be difficult to tell where the filling ends and the tooth begins.

Metal-Alloy Fillings

Metal fillings may be recommended in posterior teeth where isolation is difficult. White fillings need a dry area to bond to the tooth. In some cases where the cavity is very deep (close to the gums) and moisture control (saliva or blood) may be difficult, here a silver filling or a crown may be recommended.

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