Your Calgary Dentists Bust A Few Oral Health Misconceptions

Your Calgary Dentists Bust A Few Oral Health Misconceptions

October 26, 2020

When it comes to dental treatments and oral hygiene, there are far too many myths doing the rounds. You may have heard all sorts of false statements, such as:

  • Toddlers and pregnant women should not go to a dentist
  • Visit a dentist only if you ever have tooth pain
  • A root canal is the most dreadful thing ever
  • The harder you brush, the cleaner your teeth will be

None of the above are true!

Let’s be honest, nobody really likes to go to a dental clinic. In fact, many of us have an inherent fear of dentists. If we hear about a way to avoid a dental appointment, we grab that thought and try to convince ourselves that it must be true. However, if you wish to maintain a healthy set of teeth and gums and avoid expensive, tedious and chronic dental issues, it is imperative to separate facts from fiction. Your Calgary dentists tackle some of the common myths associated with dental care.

Dispelling The Top 5 Dental Myths

  • I Have No Dental Complaints, So I Don’t Need to See a Dentist: One of the most common myths that people fall prey to is that you need to visit a dentist only if you have a problem. In fact, there are millions of people who strongly believe that their teeth become unhealthy or need attention, only when they age. This cannot be further from the truth. Whether it is tooth decay, gum disease or some other dental problem, your oral health is potentially vulnerable from the time your baby teeth come in. As per the Canadian Dental Association, parents should take their infants for their first dental assessment within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth, or by 12 months of age. Many Calgary clinics encourage parents to start timely dental care for their children by offering specialized dental services for children in a safe, comfortable and child-friendly environment.
  • It Doesn’t Matter When I Brush My Teeth: When it comes to brushing your teeth, the exact time of the day doesn’t matter. What is important is that you brush twice daily, for at least two minutes each time, preferably before you sleep, and as soon as you wake up. Since the saliva production in your mouth drops when you sleep, food particles can remain in your mouth and cause dental decay. Brushing before bed helps to cleanse the mouth and wash off the food debris, while brushing when you wake up helps to fight tooth decay and bad breath.
  • Flossing Will Create Gaps between My Teeth: No, it does not! On the contrary, flossing prevents tooth decay by removing the food debris that settles around your teeth and gums. When you first begin a flossing routine, it is possible that you experience bleeding gums, but that should fade away over a period of time. If your gums continue to bleed over time, even after regularly flossing, schedule a dental checkup with your Calgary dentist. Bleeding gums is a sign of gum disease.
  • Brushing Will Aggravate My Bleeding Gums: If you have been experiencing bleeding gums over an extended period of time, it is usually a sign of gum disease or gingivitis. However, the health of your gums is directly linked to your oral hygiene. Make an appointment to see a dentist at the earliest and in the meantime, continue gentle brushing and regular flossing. Brushing will not aggravate your bleeding gums, instead, it will help to keep the gums clean.
  • Diet Sodas Have No Sugar, So they Can Do No Harm to My Teeth: While diet sodas may not contain sugar, they can still be caustic for your dental health. The acids in the soda can feed the acid-loving bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities. The acid also tends to erode your tooth enamel, which may lead to higher tooth sensitivity. Instead of sipping on sodas, or other acidic beverages through the day, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. In measured quantities, it is okay to have milk, almond, soy, rice or coconut milk, or vegetable juices, but not as a substitute for water.

Don’t let the unverified advice or half-truths floating around on the internet sway you. If you want healthy teeth and gums, make regular appointments with your Calgary dentists at Sunridge Dental Clinic. Our dedicated staff and dentists will be happy to clarify your queries and debunk any myths related to oral health.

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