What Must You Know About Silver Diamine Fluoride?

What Must You Know About Silver Diamine Fluoride?

August 1, 2022

As far as your dental health is concerned, I am sure you wouldn’t enjoy multiple injections and drilling appointments to treat dental problems. Dental caries or cavities are common dental issues among adults and children. But like most health issues, cavities are typically preventable.

Along with good dental hygiene and regular dental appointments, silver diamine fluoride treatment can help you maintain excellent dental health. If, like most people, you haven’t come across silver diamine fluoride, you might have questions and concerns about how the treatment works and what to expect. This article covers that all!

What is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a fluoride treatment that involves applying a liquid medication to the teeth using a small brush or special floss. The liquid medicines contain about 38% silver fluoride salt and small amounts of ammonia. While SDF has been in the market for decades, it was approved for use in dentistry by the FDA in 2014.

Silver diamine fluoride helps to strengthen your teeth and prevent tooth cavities from forming, growing, or spreading to adjacent teeth. Here’s a breakdown of the treatment composition and benefits:

  • Silver – helps to eliminate bacteria
  • Ammonia – helps keep the solution concentrated
  • Water – provides a liquid base for the treatment
  • Fluoride- helps to strengthen and remineralize the teeth.

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How is SDF Applied?

Applying silver diamine fluoride is incredibly quick, painless, and straightforward. A standard procedure typically involves:

  • Cleaning the teeth

Your teeth need to be clean for the treatment to work fast and effectively. Before applying the treatment, the dentist will begin by cleaning your teeth to remove plaque, food debris, and bacteria.

  • Isolating the area

The dentist will use a protective barrier to protect your lips and skin from making contact with the medications. The dentist can use cotton rolls, petroleum jerry, cocoa butter, and other methods.

  • Applying the SDF

After preparing the mouth, the dentist will apply the treatment. The dentist will use a small brush to paint the medication. A single drop of liquid fluoride is enough to treat up to eight teeth. The dentist may apply gentle airflow to allow the SDF to dry and settle. Fluoride varnish covers and seals the SDF.

  • Follow-up appointments

Your dentist might schedule a follow-up meeting to monitor the treatment status. On average, a single treatment has an effectiveness rate of 47-90%. You may need more appointments if a single appointment is insufficient for you.

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Benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride

There are many incredible benefits of using SDF, including:

  • Effective and efficient

Most dentists recommend using SDF due to its high effectiveness in treating cavities. Compared to alternative treatments, SDF is 89% more efficient in stopping cavities for 12 months.

  • Safe

Silver diamine fluoride has been in use for decades. The FDA approved it for use in dentistry. Many studies and trials have proven no serious side effects. There are a few concerns about staining.

  • Quick and painless

It only takes a few minutes to apply Silver diamine fluoride. Furthermore, the application doesn’t require drilling or injections, making it quick and painless. It makes it an excellent treatment for young children, people with special needs, and adults with dental anxiety and fear.

  • Eliminate cavities

SDF helps prevent cavities from developing, getting deeper, and spreading to the neighboring teeth.

  • Inexpensive

Silver diamine fluoride is more cost-effective than treating cavities and associated complications. A single application costs about $75, with a $20-$25 per tooth. The treatments only need to be applied once yearly. Consult your dentist to learn how often you should have SDF treatments.

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