How Oral Hygiene Therapy Can Improve Your Life

How Oral Hygiene Therapy Can Improve Your Life

June 1, 2022

Suppose you’re searching online for a “dentist near me” for oral hygiene therapy in Calgary, AB. You’re not alone because you’re concerned about the connection between oral health and physical health. Many patients learn how vital optimum oral health is to optimum general health. Our dentists at Sunridge Dental Care see patients every day who want to align the parallel between the two better, and they’d love to provide the same oral hygiene therapy for you and your family. We invite you to make an appointment with our dentists in Northeast Calgary if you have additional questions or concerns after reading the information we provide below.

What Are the Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene?

Oral hygiene therapy is also known as preventive dentistry, which includes “preventive” for a good reason. Patients can succumb to health concerns beyond decayed teeth or gum disease without oral hygiene therapy. A healthy mouth equates to increased self-confidence, but it equates to an increased likelihood of long-term health by curtailing a patient’s risk of serious disease.

Doctors and physical health associations recommend that patients visit their dentist at least twice a year for preventive care, such as dental cleanings. They also recommend you get oral x-rays at least once a year for early diagnosis and treatment of conditions that you can not see without the help of an x-ray. Many patients had to interrupt the preventive care schedule they were adhering to due to the interruption caused by COVID. But it’s never too late to get back on track by scheduling an appointment with our dentists near you. Still need convincing to get back on schedule? Let’s take a closer look at the mouth-body connection.

A Healthy Mouth Can Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

If you notice that your gums are irritated, there’s good cause for concern. Researchers report that chronic gum inflammation can be directly associated with heart disease and other cardiovascular concerns such as strokes and the blockage of blood vessels. Also, before you dismiss heart disease as not being relevant because of your age, studies indicate that the healthy mouth/healthy heart connection can impact patients of all ages – even if they eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Remember, your gums should never hurt or bleed when you brush and floss. When you notice these symptoms, your body tells you that it’s time to visit your dentist for an exam and oral hygiene therapy.

A Healthy Mouth Can Preserve Your Memory

Since memory problems can affect your performance at work or school and grow worse as you age, there’s good reason to adhere to regular exams and teeth cleaning appointments. But don’t just take our word for it. According to a Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry report, adults with bleeding or irritated and swollen gums had lower test results concerning memory and cognitive skills. Even if you use an antibacterial mouthwash at home, it is not a substitute to reduce your chances of gingivitis more than professional cleaning. Memory loss is often at the top of the list when patients say what they fear the most about aging. Even though some memory loss is considered a normal part of aging, you do have some control over the degree of your memory loss by practicing oral hygiene therapy.

A Healthy Mouth Helps to Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable

There is a direct correlation between people with uncontrolled diabetes and gum disease. Experts have reported in their studies that if a patient has diabetes, they are at an increased risk of developing gum problems that are more severe than patients without diabetes. Oral infections often compromise a patient’s ability to control their blood sugar levels, leading to other health concerns. When you visit our dentists in Calgary, AB, for preventive dentistry, they will spend time with you to understand your health concerns to design a treatment plan that makes the most sense for your health condition.

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