Eliminate Your Fears Of Visiting The Dentist With Sedation Dentistry

Eliminate Your Fears Of Visiting The Dentist With Sedation Dentistry

October 26, 2020

If you fear going to the dentist, you’re not alone. In Canada, 40 percent of the population experiences anxiety about visiting their dentist. For many in Calgary and across the nation this fear is often debilitating.

When you’re afraid your brain releases adrenaline, activating your “flight or fight” instincts. Suddenly sensations become heightened and noise becomes unbearable. Every muscle tenses up as your body prepares for anticipated pain.

That can make even routine cleanings a painful experience. However, avoiding your dentist in Calgary can have serious long-term consequences. Without professional cleanings and checkups, the health of your teeth and gums will quickly deteriorate as plaque and tartar buildup. To help patients avoid dental complications and to ease their concerns some dental clinics in Calgary offer sedation dentistry.

What Exactly Is Sedation Dentistry?

Your dentist administers a combination of anxiety-relieving and pain-blocking drugs to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your dental appointment.

Your dentist will take a complete health history prior to your appointment to make sure that you are a good candidate to receive sedatives and that it won’t interfere with medications or other health issues.

A sedation dentist in Calgary provides:

  • a calm environment to openly discuss your fears and experiences
  • a listening ear and the time you need to go at your own pace
  • a sense of control to help reduce your anxiety

Your dentist will prescribe an oral sedative pill that is taken about an hour before your appointment. Once you arrive at the clinic you feel relaxed and sleepy. You will need to arrange a driver to take you to and from the clinic.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Yes! Health officials use a scale called the “therapeutic index” to measure the safety of sedative medications. The drugs and methods used in sedation dentistry rank among the highest for being least likely to cause adverse effects.

Finding A Sedation Dentist In Calgary

At Sunridge Dental Clinic located in Calgary, we want you to feel at ease during your treatments. We offer sedation dentistry to our patients in Calgary as part of our regular range of services. If you have anxiety about seeing a dentist, we can help. Contact us today!

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