Benefits of Emergency Dentistry

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    Benefits of Emergency Dentistry

    February 1, 2021

    If you have had a dental emergency, you know how important it is to seek immediate dental treatment.

    Imagine a situation when you have a knocked-out tooth, and you have severe pain in a particular tooth. If you do not know an emergency dentist, or your dentist unwilling to treat the emergency, you will struggle to find your relief. The best approach is getting to a dentist who offers emergency services.

    When disaster strikes, you need to have someone you can rely on. However, you need to differentiate between an emergency and normal oral pain. We advise not visiting an emergency room in case of the standard toothaches. It’s because emergency Dentistry is an egregiously costly service that’s only reserved for truly emergency services. This is for people involved in severe accidents or infections.

    Generally, emergency dentists in NE, Calgary have special training, expertise, and dental equipment to handle instant dental problems. If you have an issue causing extreme dental pain, visit a dental office immediately.

    Why need an emergency dentist?

    • Your damaged tooth might be saved

    Among the reasons, many people visit dental offices is to preserve a severely damaged tooth. If you have an accident and one or many teeth have been knocked out or dislodged out of their sockets, visit the emergency dentist near you immediately.

    The sooner you get to the emergency room, the earlier and easier you can save your tooth. If the tooth is completely knocked out, you need to follow some first aid practices to prevent chances of infection. You can put the tooth inside a cup of milk or mildly saline water to preserve its freshness. Each of your damaged or knocked out tooth can be saved if you seek an emergency service in time.

    • Reduce pain

    In an emergency dental office, your extreme tooth pain is addressed with professionalism. They have the right and best tools and medication for alleviating dental pain.

    Mostly, injuries sustained during a sporting activity or traumatic tooth damage from a fall cause a lot of pain that local painkillers cannot stop. Your pain is carefully analyzed in a dental office and the right medication, with just the correct strength to restore your mouth state to normal.

    • Prevents the dangers of toothaches

    Many people underestimate the effects of a toothache. A toothache is not lethal soon as it manifests but can get dangerous with time. If your toothache is persistent, lasting for days and even months, you could have tooth decay. A persistent toothache calls for the patient to seek dental care immediately.

    If it’s tooth decay, it is successfully removed, and your pain is alleviated.

    Consequently, if you do not treat the decay, the outcome can be even worse. The damage can persist to the point you need a tooth extraction. If tooth extraction is the last option, you will have the extracted tooth replaced with a dental implant or other artificial teeth. Disclaimer: more time on the dentist’s seat means more money spent on oral health.

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    The best approach to this is having your teeth treated at the initial stage of toothache. As soon as a tooth problem develops, it is the right time to seek emergency dental services. You will reduce the pain as well as prevent further complications.

    • Prevent Infections

    Oral problems might not have a lethal impact on the overall body health. However, if left untreated, they can lead to other life-threatening infections. What we mean is that your dental problem has a chance to cause infection on other body tissues.

    A damaged or compromised tooth is likely to develop an abscess, which comes with an infection in most cases. The infection affects the tooth root. A gum infection is also possible if your teeth integrity is compromised. Note that infection in the mouth can swiftly become serious health problems and even affect vital organs like the heart.

    You, therefore, should not shrug off a tooth inflammation or pain. Inflammation or tooth pain may indicate a more serious underlying dental issue. In the worst-case scenario, you could have a bacterial infection. A bacterial infection starts in the mouth, spreading to the jaw and neck, and can reach the brain. Bacterial infections can also become sepsis, which is life-threatening.

    • Do loose Fillings Prompt Emergency treatment?

    When you lose a tooth filling or crown, your tooth becomes vulnerable to additional decay. If it continues to decay, infections can occur on the tooth and gums and can lead to tooth loss. Our emergency team at Sunridge Dental Clinic can easily refortify a broken or lost tooth filling.

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