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At Sunridge Mall Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves in the dental services and treatments we can offer. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your dental care needs in NE Calgary.

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Continuously Updating Our Techniques

We are continuously updating our techniques and equipment to provide our patients with the best care possible.

Areas of dental services that we offer include:

New Patient Exams

What's Involved in a New Patient Experience at Sunridge Dental Clinic?

At Sunridge Mall Dental Clinic, we have a high standard of care to offer our patients. Noted below are a few of the steps taken to ensure you are healthy and disease-free. Our office offers care based on the best dental treatments we have available. Please check with your insurance provider regarding your coverage prior to your appointment(s).

Radiographs Required for Full Examination
(Insurance codes: 02601 (Pan), 02144 (4 bitewing x-rays) & 02113 (3 periapical x-rays)

A full set of radiographs allows us to see all of the surfaces of the teeth to determine where active decay is present, to check the integrity of existing fillings, crowns and root canals; the anatomy of the jaw bone and bone surrounding the teeth is also examined. Intra-oral pictures may be taken of areas of concern or to educate a patient about certain areas of his or her mouth.

Complete General Exam
(Insurance code: 01103)

The entire dentition is probed for gum pocket depths to have a baseline recording of gum and bone health; areas of gum recession, tooth mobility, loss of gum support and calculus (tartar) levels above and below the gum-line are recorded. An extra-oral and intra-oral soft tissue exam (oral cancer screening) and dentition exam comprise the remainder of this exam.

Extra-Oral and Intra-Oral Soft Tissue Exam/Oral Cancer Screening

The dentist examines the head and neck region of the patient to check for any "lumps or bumps," abnormalities and the overall health of the soft tissue.

Dentition Exam

The dentist examines the teeth to check for active disease, integrity of existing restorations, areas of periodontal disease and gum disease (as pointed out by the hygienist), and then a course of therapy is proposed. Active and symptomatic disease is dealt with first, followed by a complete scale, polish and fluoride application. It is only after these treatments have been completed that any other outstanding treatment is completed.

Hygiene Treatment Periodontal Evaluation
(Insurance code: 49101)

The number of appointments required for complete hygiene is based on the patient's specific needs and the hygienist's discretion. The initial appointments for new patients consist of two components. The first component takes approximately 45 minutes and consists of collecting baseline records of your oral health; specifically called a periodontal evaluation. The second component involves hygiene treatment with the hygienist. According to your schedule, you may book these in two appointments on the same day or separately. The exam and x-rays must be completed before active treatment can begin. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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