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Visit a Comprehensive Family Dentist in Calgary NE

Choosing the right dentist for your needs can be a difficult and a time consuming experience. At Sunridge Mall Dental Clinic we take pride in being a family dentist in Calgary NE who caters to patients of all ages. Whether you simply need to schedule a cleaning or you have questions on how to deal with badly damaged or decayed teeth, we offer comprehensive dental care for your entire family.

Are you wondering when your newborn should go in for his first dental checkup? Are you worried about the dental health of your teen? Make an appointment with Sunridge Mall Dental Clinic and get the answers and treatments you need.

Why Choose a Family Dentist in Calgary NE?

Sunridge Mall Dental Clinic accepts patients of all ages and we are proud to offer a friendly and comfortable atmosphere at our clinic. We believe anyone can enjoy going to the dentist, which is why we offer sedation dentistry and other services to help ease the worries of our patients.

As a family dentist in Calgary NE, we are accustomed to helping people at all stages of life and we understand that proper dental care is vital regardless of your age. If you are thinking about making an appointment, here are some important considerations regarding dental care:

  • It is important for children to learn healthy oral habits from a young age. You will want to bring your child in for his or her first dental checkup as soon as all of the baby teeth have arrived.
  • Teenagers have a tendency of letting nutrition slip, which can affect their oral health. Your teens will need regular visits to the family dentist to avoid serious teeth problems in adulthood. Teens may also be self-conscious of the appearance of their teeth. If your teen wants straighter teeth, we offer several orthodontic treatments that will help straighten your teen’s teeth.
  • As we age, our teeth change in appearance. The whiteness of our teeth may fade, and we may notice small chips in our mouths. Going to the family dentist will help in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, but many adults also begin discussions about cosmetic treatments.
  • Seniors have special needs as aging, dry mouths and some diseases and medications can affect their oral health, which is why routine dental checkups are very important. Denture wearers will need regular checkups to ensure gums remain healthy and to sustain healthy oral hygiene.

Contact Your One-Stop Family Dentist

Sunridge Mall Dental Clinic is proud to be a one-stop family dentist in Calgary NE. We offer comprehensive treatments along with a full range of preventative and restorative options that will have every member of your family smiling with healthy teeth. Contact us today for an annual check-up or for our preventative dentistry services.

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