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Need a Root Canal? Sunridge Offers Endodontics

We Provide Root Canal Therapy and More

Endodontics is the field of dentistry that focuses on studying and treating conditions related to the dental pulp. Also more commonly known as root canal therapy, endodontics also includes endodontic re-treatment, surgery, and treating dental trauma. Located in Calgary, Sunridge Mall Dental Clinic routinely offers root canal therapy for patients of all ages.

What to Expect from Root Canal Therapy

If your tooth's nerve has become infected, root canal treatment may be required to save your tooth. During root canal therapy, the infected, injured or dead pulp inside your tooth is removed and then filled with soft dental pulp so your tooth can resume growing and developing.

Have Questions about Root Canal Therapy?

Should you ever have any questions regarding endodontics in Calgary, please contact Sunridge Mall Dental Clinic to speak to a member of our staff. We would be more than happy to help ease your anxieties and/or schedule an appointment for you.

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